Patient Spotlight: Mike Giba

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October 7, 2019

The Case

Mike was misdiagnosed four years ago in his left eye. When his vision wasn’t improving, he was referred to our practice. In July 2019, Mike was out of work for four days after feeling like something was in his eye. Following his regular morning checkup on July 30, Dr. Conti asked what Mike and his wife Jan were doing that afternoon. After saying they had no plans, Dr. Conti told them to meet him at the surgery center so he could perform a vitrectomy on Mike’s eye. One month later, Mike began seeing improved vision in his left eye and has continued his follow up care with us.

The couple has been married for 53 years. Now that Mike is back on his feet, they enjoy going to dinner and a movie, playing cards with the neighbors, boating and fishing, and spending time with their daughters and grandchildren. We’d like to thank Mike and Jan for sharing their story with us and this sweet “thank you” note you can find at this link:

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