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October 7, 2019

The Case

Today we spotlight Debby, Ophthalmic Tech at the Youngstown Office. Debby has been employed with VRC for three and a half years. Her responsibilities include working up and scibing patients, prepping them for lasers and injections, and assisting the front desk. Debby also manages OSHA at the Youngstown location, checking fridge temps, fire extinguishers, etc.

In addition, she serves as our office manager's (Stacey) right hand assisting with surgery scheduling. Fun Fact: Debby and Stacey actually worked together before at Ohio Eye Alliance. When she took this job, Debby was thrilled that she'd be working with Stacey again.

Debby is a very warm person and is always smiling. She has a great way of making everyone feel comfortable, whether they're a patient or staff. Debby is well-liked and respected by her peers. She's also a team player, always willing to switch hours when a coworker is in need.

"The Youngstown staff is a cohesive group," said Debby. "We communicate and work well as a team. And I like the doctors' commitment to the patients and staff. They're always so great about thanking us for our help."

Debby enjoys spending her spare time with her family. You can tell because she lights up when she talks about her husband, daughters and two young grandchildren. Debby likes to cook and also do arts and crafts with her grandkids. She also enjoys travelling to see her parents in South Carolina and sister in California.

Debby thank you for making VRC a better place. We all are so fortunate to have you!

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